Regulation and supervision of pension plans are covered under the Insurance Act and commenced, for the first time, in Grenada in 2011. Under the Insurance Act all pension plans are required to be registered with GARFIN. As at March 31, 2024 the aggregate fund of benefits stood at $276.9 million for pension plans in Grenada. The total number of plans registered are fifty (50), of which, forty-six (46) plans are active, and four (4) plans are being wound up or are inactive.


  1. ACB Grenada Bank Pension Fund Plan
  2. Andall & Associates Inc Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  3. Ariza Credit Union Limited Employees' Pension Plan
  4. Aviation Services of Grenada Limited Pension Scheme
  5. Bryden & Minors Limited & Associated Companies Pension Fund Plan
  6. Caribbean Agro Industries Limited Pension Fund Plan
  7. CasePak Company (Grenada) Limited Staff Pension Plan
  8. Columbus Communications (Gda) Limited Pension Plan 
  9. Communal Cooperative Credit Union Pension Fund Plan
  10. Country Cold Store Limited Pension Fund Plan
  11. Courts Grenada Limited Pension Fund Plan  
  12. Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited Grenada Sales Representatives Pension Plan
  13. Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited Office Staff Pension Plan   
  14. Digicel Grenada Limited Pension Fund Plan   
  15. Duty Free Caribbean (Grenada) Defined Contribution Pension Plan    
  16. First Caribbean International Bank Limited Retirement Plan
  17. Grenada Airports Authority Staffs’ Pension Plan       
  18. Grenada Bureau of Standards Pension Plan
  19. Grenada Cooperative Bank Limited Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  20. Grenada Development Bank's Pension Plan
  21. Grenada Electricity Services Limited Non Management Staff Retirement Plan
  22. Grenada Electricity Services Limited, Managerial, Professional, Supervisory and Administrative (MaPSA) Staff Retirement Plan
  23. Grenada Investment Development Corporation Pension Fund Plan
  24. Grenada Ports Authority Termination Benefit Plan
  25. Grenada Seamen & Waterfront Workers' Union Retirement Benefit Plan
  26. Grenville Co-operative Credit Union Limited Staff Pension Plan
  27. GTM Group of Insurance Companies (Grenada) Pension Scheme for Sales Representative
  28. GTM Group of Insurance Companies (Grenada) Pension Scheme for Administrative Staff
  29. Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Limited Pension Fund Plan
  30. G.U.T. Co-operative Credit Union Ltd Group Annuity Plan
  31. Housing Authority of Grenada Pension Fund Plan
  32. Huggins Pension & Trust Fund 
  33. Iam Jet Centre Grenada Limited Employee Pension Plan
  34. Independence Agencies Limited Pension Fund Plan
  35. Jonas Browne & Hubbard (Gda) Limited & Associated Companies Pension Fund Plan
  36. L L Ramdhanny & Company Limited Pension Scheme
  37. Marketing & National Importing Board Pension Fund Plan
  38. National Insurance Board Employees Pension Plan
  39. National Insurance Scheme Pension Plan
  40. Netherlands Insurance Co (WI) Limited Pension Fund Plan
  41. New Life Organization (NEWLO) Pension Fund Plan
  42. Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited Pension Plan
  43. Republic Bank (EC) Limited Pension Plan
  44. Spice Island Beach Resort Pension Plan
  45. St. George's University Limited Staff Pension Fund Plan
  46. United Insurance (Grenada) Limited Employees' Pension Plan 


  1. Clico International Life Insurance Ltd Pension Fund Plan (Agents) - (Under Judicial Management)
  2. Clico International Life Insurance Ltd Pension Fund Plan (Staff) - (Under Judicial Management)
  3. Grenada Bottling Company Limited Pension Fund Plan (To be Cancelled)
  4. Insurance Consultants & Associated Companies Staff Pension Plan (Cancelled)
(As at March 31, 2024)
(As at March 31, 2024)
(As at March 31, 2024)
(As at March 31, 2024)

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