Grenada's Ranking in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index 2017

Grenada’s Integrity Commission (IC) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) acknowledge the news of Grenada’s ranking (52), in the 2017 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index,  as Grenada remains above the median level over the last two years since the limited re-introduction to this process with only 3 sources of information applied.

Perception indices such as these are based on subjective data and sometimes wide margins of errors even with minimal variances in conditions. 

However, the review process reminds us that we must remain committed to the national focus of improving our reporting and communications to reflect our actual collective anti-corruption efforts. As a country highlighted by the Index for order and security, we must continue to build on our achievements.

We look forward to positive achievements, given the levels of work being done by the Integrity Commission, the FIU and our National Stakeholders, which realised enhanced accountability in the Public, Financial, Judicial and Procurement Sectors in 2017.

Grenada’s Anti- Corruption Sector has benefitted immensely from training and assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat, the UNODC; and the World Bank for the implementation of anti-corruption and risk management best practices at the national level during 2017.

Additionally, public education and training of key stakeholders, in particular the Leadership of the Public Sector was heightened.  Grenada also hosted its inaugural International Anti-corruption Day Celebrations and launched its National Stakeholder Anti-corruption Roundtable Mechanism, in continued national anti-corruption efforts.

We and our stakeholders are positively working to realize a culture of Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Grenada which will truly reflect our scoring in the International indices.

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